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Promotional Tips

At Love it! Promotions we stand out from our competitors by not only offering you the Promotional Products, but also the Service. 

...More than 84% of respondents remembered the companies of the promotional products they're received.  The majority (81%) of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful. Staying power: More than three-quarters of recipients have had their items for more than 12 months! Think how your initial investment keeps paying for itself!...



Your Target Market

Before you choose your Promotional Product carefully considers your target market.  You might realise the item required is not what you originally thought.  Think about gender, age, lifestyle, are they office workers, tradesmen etc.  Establishing the market the product is for goes a long way to ensuring your selected item will be well received.


Selecting the Right Item

It is really important to spend your advertising money wisely.  Select the right item for your target market. Make sure the item will be useful for the recipient and if it is they will keep it and think favourably of your Company.  Allow the promotional item to communicate with your recipient by advertising the message like Company name; phone number; web site; etc.  Go one step further and offer an item that is a reminder of what you do.  For example, Mouse Mats for IT companies, Scale Rulers for Building companies; Book Marks for Libraries etc. 


Great Design

A simple bold colour logo design is often the best approach, don't try and include too much information, intricate, detailed, and colourful designs are often too confusing and don't leave a lasting impression.  Usually the simplest designs have the highest impact, think of logos like Coca Cola, Telstra, Nike, all easily recognisable, simple but highly effective designs that can easily be applied to a huge range of promotional product at a low cost as the designs are simple with one or two colours.


Quality Above Quantity

Don't focus on getting as much as possible for as little as possible.  Get the best item you can for the best price, for example it is better to offer a good quality pen that will last a long time with your details printed, than purchasing a higher quantity of inferior pens that will run out of ink, or even have poor ink flow.  In the same manor try to select a lower priced quality item than a higher priced sub-standard product, for example if you offer an inferior Digital Photo Frame, you are sending the message that you don't care about quality.  A Premium Custom Made USB Flash Drive could be a much better way to spend your advertising dollars.


Staying Power

The staying power of your message is as important as getting the message out there.  Other advertising methods like Print Media, Radio, and Television are not only more expensive but they also won't allow your message to stay with your customer for as long.  Using Promotional Merchandise leaves your message for as long as the life of the item.  Think about a Coffee Mug, or Key Ring, or Back Pack that you have, how long have you had some of these items? Now that is real staying power!


Use Walking Billboards

Promotional items like T-Shirts; Hats; Umbrellas; Bags are going to be worn and used by the people you give them to to continually promote your Company, if you think about it your 100 or so items can now be seen by 1000's, yet it's cost you nothing extra. 


Getting Your Product Out There

As soon as your Promotional Products come in, get them out the door.  It is no good having them in boxes in the store room.  Give them out to your Sales Team so they can get them out to your clients and potential customers as soon as possible, start enjoying a return on your spending.



..."When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you MUST advertise."
Numerous studies throughout the years have shown that maintaining or increasing advertising spending such as on promotional products, during a recession, will increase sales, profits and market share.

Source: McGraw-Hill Research...


..."When times get tough, a company should promote MORE not less. Never STOP promoting. Businesses that promote while others cut their advertising expenditures have a better chance of getting bigger !"

Robert Kiyosaki (richdad.com)...